Are there any requirements to becoming an instructor on the platform?

There are no formal prerequisites to apply and begin sharing your knowledge. However, to upload paid content or to receive payment for sessions, a verified bank account is required after you sign up.

We diligently oversee the quality of content on our site. Please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  • Subjectivity and Opinions:

    You are encouraged to express your views on subjects with supporting arguments and to thoughtfully critique others' opinions. Aim to defend your position, identify weaknesses in counterarguments, and foster an environment of critical thinking without causing division.

  • Educational Merits:

    Any academic credentials presented in your profile should correspond with your declared area of expertise or the content of your courses.

  • Evidence of Expertise:

    Keep your profile up to date with relevant experience and educational qualifications to enable clients to quickly verify your expertise. Citing sources such as books, videos, projects, and publications not only enhances your credibility but also provides assurance that your content is based on authoritative information.